What are the advantages of being a Martinist?

While there are disadvantages in any organization, it is conceded that the benefits are greater than the evils. Of the Martinist Order we can truly say the advantages are so many and s great that we see no evil whatever. In the first place, it is one of the few orders that demand no adherence to creed or belief. Whatever the belief of the candidate, he does not need to change it or take up a new one. He is expected, however, to live up to his highest conception of it to the best of his ability.


He has no need to fear there may be some selfish motive in the Order, for each new member only increases the work of some delegate, who could go on with his own development without anyone else. There are no fees and dues, and the instructions which are sent out from time to time, are free. The suspicious man of the world asks:- "What can be the motive for increasing the membership"?


A true Martinist does not work for his personal interest, but to bring man back to his pristine powers. The time has passed when can say they are doing the work of God and humanity, and live like the world and love the things of the world, and serve self like the rest of the world. Men have ceased to be influenced by this kind of Christian work and the day has come that the standard is changing until men who claim to be the Apostles of Christ must live his life and be able to prove by their works that they have some of the gifts mentioned in the latter part of the Gospel of Mark.

The Martinist Order stands for this, and for the equality of the sexes as to the ability to develop the higher and Divine gifts.


Its center is in France, where it was first organized, but its members are found in every place of the globe. The Louis Claude de Saint-Martin was its inspiration. His writings are unlike any others and would change the entire world if only they were translated into the different languages. In the British Empire there are but few copies of two of his books and these are in large libraries that prize them so highly that they will not permit them to be taken out. All the other works of this illuminated man are in his native tongue and we hope in the near future we shall be able to have them translated and published. His teachings are the foundation of all that is taught in the Order. Whatever may be the knowledge attained on other lines, it cannot usurp the place of this.


Martinism does not only show the way to illumination, but holds the light on the path that leads to it. It stands for the most generous and liberal and Christ-like teachings that are given in any organization, without restrictions as to belief on lines of reading; it insists on the daily living in communion with the logos or WORD.


As a little leaven will leaven the whole measure of meal, so this Order should change the whole world till those who see the sick, either in body or mind, healed, will say: "they must belong to the Order of Louis Claude de Saint-Martin".

Another benefit of belonging to this Order is the advantage it gives of help and counsel from the wise men who (both in the body and out of it) are ever ready to send by the finer forces of nature, the strength or help needed. Many do not believe the words of Saint Paul: "We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses" but no one can be a Martinist long without proving the truth of his words.




April/May 1906