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Welcome to the Official and International site of the Ancient Martinist Order. Our primary Goal is to bring you information about Martinism and about our branch, AMO.


Let us make things clear from the start: no, this is not a secret society worshiping Martini drink, and yes, we know it is the most popular drink among casino venues. One of the oddest emails we received was some dude offering us free bonus codes for online casinos and even advised us how to play online roulette at freeroulette.ca. This site is about the ancient Martinist order and how to better understand our cause.


We feel that the times are changing and that the hour has arrived to change the position of our Order a little bit, giving a bit more information about us...

For centuries, the visible and invisible schools of mysteries had the privilege and the power to access an ancient source of knowledge and to give to very few the access to it. It was then necessary to pass several tests in order to prove, to him and to all those who were already Initiates, its true interior and external force; His true will and his strongest perseverance...

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What is Martinism?


The Martinist Order is an esoteric Order built strictly on the Lodge system, perpetuating a Chain of Initiation which came through Martinez de Pasqually and Louis Claude de Saint Martin, both Brothers of the Rose+Croix in the 18th century. The teaching generally is a system of philosophic thought, essentially a Christian Gnosis, which is chiefly based on the doctrinal tenets of work called, "Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings into their original virtues, powers and qualities," written by Martinez de Pasqually. This work gives a particular interpretation of Creation, of the Hierarchy of Beings, of the Fall of Man, and the way for Man to regain his original status in the scheme of things so as to be re-established in his initial state and privileges.


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Origin of The Ancient Martinist Order


On April 08-09-2000 a gathering of Martinist initiates was held in the Orient of Evansville, Indiana, USA. This meeting was the culmination of many months of planning and preliminary work concerning a labor of unification of various Martinist bodies. There were Martinists present who had experience and backgrounds with: Ordre Martiniste, Ordre Martiniste et Synarchy-Canada, Ordre Martiniste et Synarchy-Barbados, OMCC, and Ordre Martiniste Initiatic Reforme (USA delegation).


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Conditions for Admission


- The Order follows exactly the cultural, philosophical, liturgical and mystical orientation that was given to it by Martinez de Pasqually and Louis Claude de Saint-Martin.

- The Order does not impose in the least any dogmatic doctrinal restrictions on its members.

- The Order teaches all which it considers useful, leaving to the members the application of the acquired knowledge according to their own manner of experience and assimilation. 

- The Order divides its teaching into three Degrees called: ASSOCIATE, INITIATE, and UNKNOWN SUPERIOR, so that Martinists, when they merit it, may advance in their studies.

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The Sovereign Council of the Ancient Martinist Order


In 2010, according to the Constitution of the Ancient Martinist Order, an election was held to determine the successor to the Sovereign Grand Master of the Order, and the International Sovereign Council was at that same time created.

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