Incorporated as a non-profit educational institution devoted to the advancement and mystical enlightenment of man. ICES is a college, not a "secret order".


ICES is distributing lectures from the traditional initiatic stream. Many of these lectures were originally in a foreign language and required translation into English. Many of the lectures were once the knowledge-papers given in particular fraternities. Many of the fraternities are now defunct thanks to World War II. Most of the lectures ICES distributes are no longer available from their original sources.


ICES has no teachings of its own, it is not the author of the material it circulates. It is simply doing a service for the Light. As an organization, it has no opinion of its own, it is absolutely impartial and has no favorites. At the membership level, individual members are free to accept or reject any of the ideas expressed in the lectures.


ICES is pleased to share its heritage of esoteric teachings with all sincere aspirants who hunger and thirst for spiritual enlightenment, who seek to live a life of purpose, happiness, meaning and success.

Each lecture in each Liber carries an identification indicating its origin.


ICES first started as the ICOMS (International College of Martinist Studies), which at the time, was established to disseminate Martinist teachings. Later it broadened its curriculum to include material from Alchemy, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, the Grail, Hermetica, Kabbalah, the Rosicrucians, etc. (It was because of this expansion that the name was changed from ICOMS to ICES, to more accurately identify its scope.


When ICES began to operate in 1985 most people found us through our public announcements and were from the ranks of "no previous esoteric study". Since 1988 most people affiliating have come to us through having been recommended by a member and about 93% are from the group "I've been on the esoteric path for many years and I'm seeking membership because friends have highly recommended you".


ICES is for the neophyte on the esoteric path as well as for the veteran sojourner. Among our membership can be found pilgrims from over fifty countries, from all religions, races and sexes and from all organizations including: AMORC, Astara, ARE, BOTA, CIRCES, Eckankar, Freemasonry, Gnostics, Hierarchy Esoterica, Illuminati, Martinists, Mayans, Rose-Croix, Servants of the Light, SRF, the Theosophical Society, the brethren of the White name it, you'll find them here! ICES does not encourage members to drop out of any other organization they may belong to...all organizations who are part of the traditional Brotherhood of Light have something of value to offer (although we must admit some of them ramble on endlessly, talking a lot and saying little.)


ICES is making information available on topics and subjects other "schools" barely touch upon, skirt around, or would rather their members did not know. From the letters and verbal reports we receive, it is clear the ICES material fills many gaps and makes lucid much that is hazy in the minds of pilgrims who have been sojourning for many moons. Here are the words of a brother who lives on the island of Montserrat and who recently wrote:

"....your Libers are so full of depth and provide such insights that every true seeker of Light should study them. I have been on the path in this incarnation for 17 years. Some of the revelations and insights I gathered from the Apprentice level raised my understanding Light years. It is a fact that some of the more cryptic writings of the Venerable Master L.C. de Saint-Martin are beyond me. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that I will comprehend them in time."

"I have been tied to one path for the past 17 years (gives here the name of the organization). I am only now beginning to see that no one school can give you all the answers. Kahlil Gibran said 'God made Truth with many doors so that all who knock may enter.' The seeker must seek if he is to find. I am deeply appreciative that your door was open to me. It is my desire to follow this Path to its ultimate end." This letter is representative of the majority of comments we receive each week.


ICES members, by and large, are mature and serious students of the esoteric arcana. At ICES gatherings, the atmosphere is cordial and elevated, comprising a group of sojourners on the Quest of Light and Truth, who have grown beyond the confines expressed in such shallow statements as "my school/order is better than yours", "my school/order is more authentic than yours", "my school/order has all the truth", etc. the fact is, no man or organization knows ultimate truth! Ultimate truth exists only in God. Each person/organization is given to know only a particle of truth (which is relative) for ones truth changes as one becomes more enlightened. Above all however, ICES members have learned how to think for themselves.


ICES is a library of information. Some of the lectures, coming as they have from different sources, may even be contradictory! Members should take what they can use and set the rest aside....not forgetting it was the stone the builders rejected that eventually became the cornerstone of the Temple!


The Order of the Grail, a traditional fraternal order, provides a fraternal component for those members who delight in ceremonial. Its rituals and initiations are beautiful and powerful. If you would like more information on the Order of the Grail please e-mail:

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from your sojourn with us. May He who gives us Light and Love, guide your footsteps and lead you to the Glorious Kingdom.


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