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On April 08-09-2000 a gathering of Martinist initiates was held in the orient of Evansville, Indiana. This meeting was the culmination of many months of planning and preliminary work concerning a labor of unification of various Martinist bodies. There were Martinists present of whom had experience and backgrounds with: Ordre Martiniste, Ordre Martiniste et Synarchy-Canada, Ordre Martiniste et Synarchy-Barbados, OMCC and Ordre Martiniste Initiatic Reforme (USA delegation). The feeling of unity and fraternal love was profound, and with this feeling we founded the Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Ancient Martinist Order, and installed the Grand Lodge officers. It is not our wish to further fragment the community of Martinist initiates, but rather to project a sense of bringing the Martinist chain back to a closer unity.

We cordially extend our arms in fraternal greetings and friendship to all Martinists, and hope to work closely with all Martinists on the Path of Reintegration which is the work that we all hold in common. We welcome all monetary donations from our followers, and we also encourage you to visit our friends' sites that are one of our greatest supporters. When looking for the perfect place to gamble online, the only place you need to go to and find the best no deposit online casinos is This site accepts players from the US, Canada, and the UK and is the perfect way you can contribute to the Martinist Order and have tons of fun at the same time.


Sâr Coram Deo,

International Sovereign Grand Master


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